Gemstones, an amazing creature of nature. There are many kinds, shapes and colors of gemstones, some even say they have physical and spiritual healing powers, so let’s get to know a bit about them:
Birthstones are gems associated with the month a person was born:
The origin of the 12 birthstones comes from the bible, they were inlaid on Aaron’s breastplate and each gem used to represent one of the 12 tribes of Israel at that time.
Garnet: The name comes from the fruit pomegranate as it resembles the deep dark red color. Some people say that Garnet is the “Stone of Health” as it vanishes negative energies and heals your soul and mind.
Amethyst: Amethysts are not just beautiful gems, they are used to assist in spiritual healing, calming and clearing your mind. Amethysts are known to be worn since ancient Egypt days.
Aquamarine: An amazing crystal, the Aquamarine gem encourages self-respect and inner peace. Aquamarine states for sea-water, the ancient romans believed it will guard them while traveling by sea.
Clear Quartz: Can be found almost on every continent so it is associated with many cultures. One of the most popular healing stones and it looks stunning!
Emerald: A very precious gem, it is associated with strong sexuality, fertility and nature itself, it is also associated with eternity as nature renews itself. The name comes from a Persian word meaning “green
Moonstone: A silvery light that comes from within, as you can imagine moonstone is associated with the moon. Knows as a true love stone, some say it can make your wishes come true on a full msoon day! (My favorite gem!)
Ruby: The stone of nobility, passion and the sun, considered to be the queen of all gems. It is a blood stone and some say it helps with heart problems. The name Ruby comes from Latin and it means the color red.
Peridot: Has a unique shade of lime-green, as other gems the color also relates to some mystical healing properties. The lighting and color of the gem will sure make your mood better!
Sapphire: The stone of wisdom and royalty, a very precious stone. Sapphire is the second hardest material in nature just after diamond. Was associated with magic and sorcery in the past.
Rose Quartz: Rose quartz has been used in love ceremonies and special rituals for decades, it is the stone of romance and some people say it may attract love to your life!
Citrine: A type of quartz, known as the stone of happiness and manifestation, it brings joy to your life! Some say it helps with kidney and digestive disease.
Blue Topaz: The sparkling stones reminds of the wind, sky, and water. Some say it helps to develop self- confidence and better communication skills.
Onyx: Strong black color, was used for protection in the past as they believed it prevents bad energies from entering your body. This stone represents strength and fearless.
Now putting all the myths aside, each gem is beautiful on its own and tells a different story.
Birthstone jewelry is a perfect gift with a meaning, you can buy a ring to symbolize the birth of a new child, the birth month of your love ones and every other significant event or just a shiny and delightful gift every woman would like to receive!
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Olga, September 2018, Atlit, Israel