My Family

Hello, my name is Olga and I’m the creator and owner of Holy Land Jewelry. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and how I ended up designing and crafting handmade jewelry.
I was born in the beautiful city of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Since my early childhood I have a deep passion to jewelry thanks to my father, he was a truly talented silversmith. I used to go to his studio on days I didn’t have school to watch him work and make him some company. I absolutely loved being there, I used to sit on a little chair next to him, pass him his tools and always being curious and asking him to describe what he does, I was always amazed seeing the finished product shining in his greyish hands. So as you can tell I’m into jewelry and shiny things practically since I was born! I knew since my childhood that I’m going to follow the same path as him, that was my biggest dream and I’m proud to say it came true! During my school years I started to study jewelry design to become professional. In 1995, due to personal reasons I’ve left Ukraine and moved to Israel with my son, It wasn’t easy at the beginning but after a few years of settling I have managed to open my own jewelry store. At first, everything was done from my own apartment, but as years passed by my business has been growing and now I own a small jewelry studio in the north of Israel. By this day I’m proud to say my jewelry is being worn worldwide, and I receive a lot of thankful and happy comments from customers all around the world! In my store you can find a wide variety of unique jewelry, rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings combined with outstanding gemstones, affordable for everyone! You can choose between gold filled, silver and solid gold jewelry.
All my jewelry is handmade and personally crafted by me and my talented team.
Dreams do come true if you believe in yourself, choose a path and follow it until the end and never give up!

In the photos & videos: myself, my studio and my family:

Olga, September 2018, Atlit, Israel