Stackable Rings, The Never Ending Trend

Fashion is somewhat like the weather, always changing and unexpected. It is a rare occasion when a trend keeps on surviving longer than couple of months, a trend lasting for years is really hard to find and even harder to create. In the jewelry category, which is a sub-category of fashion, there is one particular trend that has managed to survive for years and it doesn’t seem to be going nowhere anytime soon, and that is my friends, stackable rings!
Stackable rings can be found anywhere these days, you can see them all over the social media, every jewelry store has them & a lot of celebrities wear them with pride! Now first let’s explain what do we mean when we say stackable rings? In general, stackable rings are dainty & delicate rings that you stack on one finger, they stack up one on top of another on the same finger like a pile of pancakes! They can be the same rings but with different gemstones or different rings with the same or different gemstones, you choose whatever you like the most and whatever makes you feel great and is an expression of yourself and your style. Stacking rings can be worn daily, monthly and really they can be worn the entire year! There is a wide range gemstones and a wider range of rings you can stack. Holy Land Jewelry provides a wide variety of unique handmade jewelry in 925 sterling silver, 14K yellow, white & rose gold including all kinds of stunning stackable rings!

Now let’s find out some tips for having the perfect look:
1)Keep the rings thin.
Thin and delicate rings just stack better together, it gives it a “cleaner” look when stacked. If you put a big ring next to a small ring it may look weird and unfitting. To be honest it all depends on the shape and style of the rings you like.
2)Match your rings.
When you stack your rings, make sure they are similar and not differ too much, also choose wisely the colors and the gemstones. They do not have to be of the same gemstone, sometimes a little bit of color contrast can look amazing, it all depends on the shape, color and the style you wear, sometimes being creative is the best way, try out some different sets and choose what suits you best!
Don’t wear rings on all fingers (1-3 fingers), do not exaggerate with the number of rings, keep it simple.
4)It has to feel comfortable and fit.
Always make sure your ring size is right. So will this trend ever going to end? I sure don’t think so, let’s just enjoy it and keep on stacking!