We all love holidays, we get to spend some quality time with our families and loved ones, have some free time for ourselves to enjoy and have some fun. What jewelry has to do with holidays? First of all, jewelry is a great gift for any occasion including holidays in which there are ridiculous discounts and sales, like Christmas, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and more…. Second, we all want to look our best when we go out to events or parties, jewelry can add so much more to your look! The little red dress, those high heels, whatever you choose will not be complete without the perfect set of jewelry. Here are some tips to make sure you bring the best out of you during holidays.

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Holy Land Jewelry Team

Wear A Set

Wear a classic set, a simple gold or silver necklace, earrings, bracelet and a ring or two, make sure to keep it simple because we don’t want to go over the top. Make sure to have a decent variety to choose from. Combine your set appropriately with your outfit, a necklace may look beautiful with the right off-shoulder little red dress. The most important thing with a set of jewelry is the matching, go with what you love the most, make sure it is not too much and not too little. Create your own unique style.

Make A Statement

Sometimes we have to keep it elegant and formal, to really draw some attention you can wear some statement jewelry to outstand your look from the rest. I advise to wear always one statement jewelry piece and combine it with other “simple” jewelry to make it outstand even more.

Gift for Her

Holidays is the best time for gifts with all the sales and discounts out there. Every woman would love to receive some sparkling jewelry! You can gift your mother, grandmother or every other woman you care about a gold ring with her birthstone, a gold or silver necklace, earrings and much more to choose from, it is a unique, precious and meaningful gift.