Colored gemstone jewelry has always been popular, today there are even more types and colors you can choose from unlike not so many years ago, there were mostly only sapphire, ruby and emerald and quartz pieces in a typical jewelry shop. People started to wear colored gemstones many  years ago as they believed each gem has its own unique ability.
Real sapphire, emerald and ruby are considered expansive, luxury gems because of its limited resources, today there are many ways to recreate those gems in labs but quality may vary depending on the process and materials.
High quality gems are, of course, more expensive, but their quality can be way better, for example cheap stones tend to break more easily. We are using partly real and partly lab-made stones, but we assure you our lab-made stones are of the highest quality as all of our materials, we supply a one year guarantee for all of jewelry!
We continuously build up our jewelry collection, adding earrings, bracelets and other items to our inventory.
Now you can own a unique piece of gemstone jewelry that you will not see in your local jewelry store made with natural and lab-made gemstones and at reasonable price, probably lower than the price that a local jeweler would charge. A wide choice of colored gemstones and designs will allow you to select the style that best suits you.Custom jewelry is our thing as well! if you have anything in mind or a picture of a ring you would like to have, your in the right place!